Future Cosmetics CC is a focused, boutique dermatological clinical research organisation for the cosmetic industry. Up to date, Future Cosmetics CC performed clinical work or evaluations on in excess of 7 400 test samples.

Our expertise include tertiary training in Chemistry, with specific industry experience in analytical chemistry (organic, inorganic and radioactive chemistry), forensic analysis of drug and toxicology samples as well as forensic expert testimony in the South African courts.

Further, our expertise include strategic marketing management, research and development, clinical testing and production of various cosmetic products for multi-national and local South African companies. These cosmetic products include skin care, baby care, sun care, toiletries, colour cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Future Cosmetics CC offers customers the benefit of assisting in early stage product development. Future Cosmetics can consult on the initial stages of the product development life cycle and guide customers through the selection of raw materials. This ultimately assist with the correct raw materials selection in support of their final claims, thus taking our customers on their journey from concept to final product. Our services include protocol design, volunteer recruitment and selection, study execution, statistical analysis and ultimately reporting on the cosmetic trial details, in a comprehensive written report.

Future Cosmetics has also expanded into claim substantiation of household products, namely washing powder, baby diapers, feminine hygiene products and hand sanitisers. This extension was requested from various multi-national customers and was accomplished seamlessly as a natural extension of our expertise. We also proud ourselves on the various claim substantiation studies performed during regulatory Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) rulings or assisting ARB interested parties with expert witness support and testimony.

All our employees were trained in-house for their specific responsibilities, due to the fact that no formal education system exist in South Africa for our type of enterprise. Additional training was provided by the South African Society of Cosmetics Chemists.

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