Skin Roughness and Desquamation Efficacy Assessment

This test method relates to the evaluation of the ability of a skin care product to remove dead skin cells; yielding a revived look (skin appearance). This is applicable to skin care products intended to improve general skin texture, appearance and skin relief.

The measurement principle of this instrument is a unique UVA-light video camera with high resolution to study the skin surface directly. The light is homogenously distributed by a reflector. In addition, the camera consists of a high-resolution video sensor chip, an objective and the new “liquid lens technology”, an electronically controlled lens which automatically adapts to the skin surface distance and maximizes the range of depth of field. The camera can be used on pigmented spots and lesions as well as on hair. The images show the structure of the skin and the level of dryness to a very detailed level. Wrinkles and lines appear dark and skin scaliness can be seen as very bright pixels. The software analyses the images regarding a variety of topography parameters.

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